October Featured Model: Beth Meritta



What genres of modeling are you available for?

I’m available for: fashion, glamour, pinup, lingerie, Cosplay, swim wear. I’m also willing to try new things.

Contact: Elizabethhuver11@gmail.com

About me:

I am a 21-year-old mother of a 5-year-old son. I’m very positive and energetic. I love the life that has been given to me. I work for everything that I receive and will work hard to push through impossible limits. I will never back down and I will always reach my goals.

How did you get started?

I got started modeling in 2014 when I actually paid for my first shoot with “Mod Bettie (a pinup boutique)” it was definitely the biggest eye opener for me as a model. Being told that I did a great job had changed my perspective as a beginner model.

Has it been a good experience?

Modeling has been an absolutely wonderful experience for me. I have been to places I have never seen before and met people that have changed my world. I would recommend anyone to give it a try. You know what they say. “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it”.

Has modeling been a good experience?

I have been modeling on and off for two years. Let me tell you it has drastically changed the way I think, the way I see the world, and the way I see others. It has taught me to be comfortable in my own skin and also to never mind what others think.

What are your hopes for the future?

In my future I can see the bright lights of the camera facing me. My goal is to become not just a model but to become a great leader for people who don’t think they can make it. People who need someone to look up to and idolize on a REAL level.

Have you been published?

I have not yet been published for any of my work but I have been a guest on the Ace Michael’s online talk show. Who is by the way an incredible man and an Idol of my own.

What photographers have you worked with?

I have worked with many photographers such as; Phil Couillard, Brian Thornton, Dave Randall, Aaron Rushing, etc…

I am fun and outgoing. I am willing to try new spunky things. I am also very creative! I can turn a blank canvas into a spectacular piece of art. If you are looking for someone who will have a good time and laugh and also be serious; then you are reading about her right now. Don’t miss a chance to work with me the one and only Beth Meritta. You will not be disappointed

***All images retain original copyrights and are used strictly for purposes of promoting the model. For any questions please contact the respective photographer***



August 2016 featured model: Sunshine

August cover




 I’m available for all varieties of shoots. 

Fashion, glamour, swim wear, lingerie, cosplay, nude, topless or implied, gory, dominate actress for shoots,  etc.… 

Contact info: mamaeason@yahoo.com


About you:

How did you get started modeling?

My mom put me in pageants as a child.

I recently started back modeling in 2014.

After I finally got my body back from having my daughter, in 2007. It’s taken off more, now than it ever has before.

Has it been a good experience?

It has always been a killer experience!

I’ve met a lot of cool ppl along the way… I’m pretty satisfied with how far I’ve come. Since when I was a little girl modeling.

How long have you been modeling?

I’ve been modeling since I was 2.

What are your goals?

My goals are to make it in the modeling/artistry industry as a role model for other girls who are passionate about modeling as much as I am. Be on a billboard, be featured in some of my favorite magazines, show the world I can sing, & possibly get in to acting.

Have you been published?

Not yet, but I hope to be soon.

Who have you worked with?

John Savi, Leroy Harvey, Cliff Nixon, DavisQui Anderson, John Lucassian, Bob Blackburn, Robert McGowan, Andrew Owens {clay sculpture model}.

I’ve got a really unique look that is very captivating. I have natural beaut, as in, I have never had any plastic surgery to enhance my looks. I can pretty much morph in to different looks, styles, & I’ve been told I look like 2 different ppl in certain photos.

I’m very down to earth, got a sweet, sassy, funny personality. I’m fun to work with & love meeting new talented people I can create art with. 🙂

Everything I do, I go full throttle with it. I’m driven & have worked very hard to come as far as I have. I deserve a chance to be able to make my dreams a reality.


÷The following images are strictly for promotional purposes and  with the model’s permission. For further information, please contact the model and respective photographers!


July 2016 Featured Model: Bonita


July 2016 cover

Bonita Stats

Contact info: bonitasmodeling@gmail.com

Contact info: bonitasmodeling@gmail.com

About Me:

I am Lilli. I did gymnastics my whole life as it taught me self-discipline. I learned how to make goals and how to achieve them.

I love working with children, as they always know how to put an amazing smile on my face. I’ve worked with all age groups for as long as I can remember. I’ve worked in day cares and from my own home. It’s very heart warming when a child comes up to you and says ” you’re the best person I have met and I’m glad I get to be with you while mommy and daddy are working” or when they say “I wish I never had to leave and I could stay with you forever” That’s when you know you are doing something right.

I finished high school, as it was really hard for me as I got bullied a lot and a lot of the times I just didn’t see any reasons to live. But I met amazing people who helped me get through my rough times. I became a model not to long ago as it is still very new to me but a friend of mine said that I should try to become a model and she pointed me into the right direction and here I am. I love modeling as it helps me learn how to get myself out there and make new friends.

I was adopted when I was six years old. My mom abounded me when I was born. Not sure why, but maybe someday I would love to find her and ask her why? I remember a lot that happened in the orphanage. It was not one of my best memoirs. I was really happy that I was finally leaving and that people from Paris adopted my best friend. We were both able to leave that horrible place but we were both devastated that we had to leave one another. She will always be in my heart and I will never forget her.

How did you get started with modeling:

A friend of mine told me I would be a great model and that I should try to audition for it. She put me into the right direction. I went and did a interview and got accepted.

Has it been a great experience?

Yes, modeling has been a wonderful experience. I can finally love myself for who I am, I’ve learned how to get out of my shell and have a good time. I’ve always met wonderful people and have gotten close with many models that I have worked with as well with photographers.

How long have you been modeling?

Not that long. Still learning the ropes but about 3 months now.

What are your goals?

My goal is to become a role model for other woman and girls who think they cannot make it into the world. No matter what people say to you, you can achieve anything as long as you put yourself out there. That dreams can come true.

Have you been published?

No, not yet. Hopefully one day I can and I would be honored when that day comes.

Who have you worked with?

I’ve worked with playboy energy drink. I’ve worked with Phil Couillard, Josh Kennedy, Bill Strome, Megan Zins, Juan Sedel, James Jones, and Jeremiah Rosa

What will make you want to hire me?

I think I would be an amazing audition to your family because I can bring laughter and smiles into the room. I am a very hard working person and I never give up no matter what. If I am new to something I will be more then happy to ask how to do the task



Beatnik Art: July Photographer of the month.

a26 beatnikart.com
beatnikart.com; fashion; outdoor; heels; dress; canon; dslr; photography; michigan; oakland; hotrod; classic; car; ratrod; legs; pontiac; hotrod; trans am; firebird; mazda; miata; race; spec; track

Website: beatnikart.com

Contact: beatnik56@yahoo.com


How did I get started?

First messing around with point and shoots trying to get creative shots of people and documenting art work that I was continually working on

and constantly getting stuck with the limitations of a point and shoot, I finally took the plunge and bought a DSLR. That was ten years ago and since then, I have gone through several DSLRs. Getting the best fit for me and settling on a Canon 6D.


No formal photography education. When I was first curious and getting serious about photography, Brian Forsythe would show me some basics as a primer with his DSLR while

he was shooting models at my place that I had body painted with a airbrush. It didn’t take long to become obsessed with the technology, technique and creativity with photography for me. To further my understanding, I would seek out other photographers that had good portfolios or techniques that I wanted to learn, but most were very apprehensive. So, I also did a ton of reading, watching tutorials and going to a few seminars. One more thing I did was

Worked at a couple of different photo labs to have the best equipment available at my disposal and experiment with different types of printing from emulsion to large format. Working at the labs also gave me great customer challenges with film and digital, experimenting with both and learning the values of each was a huge pulse. I also started sharing what I had learned up till that point in life with other photographers and giving DSLR and Photoshop lessons.


When I was a kid at about 8 or 9 years old, my grandma Flores let me use her 110 film camera during the times my father and I would go up north to visit her.

I think it was a way to get me out of the house so my father and grandma could have uninterrupted conversation, I used to ask a lot of questions as a kid.

She would have the film developed and mail the pictures back to me. That got me into buying disposable cameras and experimenting, but not to serious.

My father was always taking pictures with a SLR cameras growing up and I was his assistant. I would keep spent rolls of film in one pocket and fresh rolls in the other, having lenses ready for him and batteries for flashes. My dad explained ISO’s on film to me so I would know what rolls to have ready for him. He would also let me get a couple of shots in with his camera systems every once in a while. By the time I was a teenager, film to me seemed to be more work than what it was worth, so I had some interest as well as learning things about photography, but still not too serious yet.

A College Professor, I forgot her name, lent me her Sony Mavica camera for a class project sometime in the late 90’s. It recorded to a floppy disk. I ended up using it so much that I bought my own. I though it was amazing that I could record to digital media and open up pictures and video that I took on a Mac or PC and see the results almost immediately. Almost immediately… The record time after pressing the shutter would take a few seconds and a floppy disk could not hold very many pictures. I got a lot of projects done with it, but in a short few years started to outgrow it and was not sure what to invest into with all the new options coming out on the market in that time period. I wanted the speed of a SLR and the benefits of a digital.

In the fall of 2005, Brian of Visual Edge talked me into getting my first DSLR. Brian showed me how his DSLR system worked. This really sparked my interest because their was no lag time in getting film developed, stopping to reload film into the camera or worry about having the wrong ISO film because lighting is constantly changing or filling up a floppy disk too quickly. Brian also let me shadow him in different studios that he has been a part of. Using different lighting equipment, learning basic posing for models and a introduction to Photoshop.

This was the point that I also started to educate myself and became very consumed with photography and started working in the photo labs.

Styles and things I like to shoot:

I have always loved cars. So I am always experimenting a lot with hot rods and rat rods and also challenging myself to make old jalopies look interesting and give them character.

Architecture is fun too, spent a lot of time in Detroit and visits to Chicago going through old neighborhoods and abandoned factories. Their are a lot of amazing stories to be seen in large cities. Getting on stage with live bands and getting some great action shots especially in old theaters is always a blast. But the most fun and challenging type of photography that I enjoy the most would be pinup or fashion models and cars. I love the challenge of creating a story out of a photograph and getting something really creative. Working with models and sharing their passion to do something really creative and fun is a great fuel to keep me going!



June Photographer of the month: Visual Edge.


Visual Edge


Contact: visual.edge.photographer@gmail.com

Facebook: Visual Edge

Model Mayhem: http://www.modelmayhem.com/VisualEdge

Mayhem # 3024

My fascination with photography started in my youth. In those days even the backyard could be a mysterious place for an adventure armed with only a camera.

At the time I didn’t know a thing about cameras, film (yes this was back in the days of film), and I had no idea what it would lead to. We all face life-changing events, and this was probably one of my biggest.

As I wandered around the yard I can recall taking pictures of the sky, an acorn from the giant Oak tree in the back of the yard, even the tire on the car. As I photographed these things I think it was the shape that drew me to them. A few days later when we picked up the prints, I knew I was hooked. It was then I began reading any I could about photography and I took pictures of anything and everything.

After High School I went on to College. My focus was Commercial Art however I decided to also pursue a Certificate in Photography.

I went on after College to do many things along with photography. Dual careers served me well. In the Nineties I reached a point that I needed a break so I focused on my career at Fedex until 1999.

I was in Chicago for an event and met Veronika. She was an amazing woman who in addition to modeled, also owned a gallery, did web design as well as owning a successful clothing line. She had so much going on, yet she was so genuinely kind and her smile made you feel like you could do anything. It is because of her that I began working with models.

So now here we are in 2016 and 3065 shoots under my belt. My photography has gone through many changes. A stroke in late 2010 caused the most significant change by leaving me legally blind. I can’t shoot at the level I once was able to, I can’t see the models very well and I change settings on the camera from memory. I don’t make money; I don’t do this for my ego or to flirt with models. I do this because it is and always has been about capturing the beauty in this World.

The World has become such a harsh place. It seems we are surrounded by hatred. Just because someone does not agreeing with you, it isn’t grounds to hate them. Beauty is still out there if you open your mind to it. Be the best you can be and also encourage others who even though they may see things different (not wrong, just different) are only trying to be the best they can be.

The following is a very small sample of my work. You can see much more at the links included.

My wish for you all is that you each find what inspires you. That even if you fear pursuing it that you take a chance and chase your dreams. Never let others fear or lack of understanding hold you down and keep you from dreaming. Far too often we hear about our differences as if it is a bad thing, however being different is the catalyst that keeps us going. Life without movement or change is not living!

Brian, Visual Edge

To all the models I have worked with over the years, I am forever grateful for the opportunity to work with each of you and the beauty you have added to my work.

Model of the Year: Lotus Black

Out of the Shadows is pleased to introduce our 2016 Model of the Year, Lotus Black.



Lotus Black Stats


The choice for our first model of the year was clear. Lotus Black was our first featured model and the one that inspired “Out of the Shadows”.  She has shown us time and time again, the beauty our local models can bring to the shoot. She shows us what Michigan has to offer. Each model may be unique both in beauty, styles, personality and goals and Lotus shows us all that Michigan still has much to offer.

” Working with Lotus Black is the only way you can ever truly appreciate all she brings to the shoot. She shows up prepared and you will see that she has given thought and time to preparing for the shoot. When it comes to working with her there is never enough time and no such things as too many shoots…

Brian of Visual Edge”

A bit sassy and having fun…JB_111715_38_web













Glamorous beauty…JB_111715_25_web

..Subtle and sexy!


Elegant and natural beauty…


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May featured model: Lexy Louise

Magazine Lexy

Lexy Louise

Lexy Stats

Styles you are available for:

Fashion, glamour, swimwear, Cosplay, themes, exotic fashion etc.

Contact info:

Email: lexyalmodovaredu@gmail.com

About you:

How did you get started modeling?

I was 13 and one year we were getting family pictures done at my grandmas house, and we got to talking to the photographer about me modeling and always wanting to pursue it as a dream and that same day he helped begin my first portfolio.

Has it been a good experience?

So far I’ve ran into a lot of scams and disappointments. I never have given up though! I gained some very well needed experience and have met some wonderful photographers who have created such wonderful images and helped me along the way.

How long have you been modeling?

Since I was 13

What are your goals?

I would love to be in magazines and just inspire other people! Modeling is my dream, my passion and I am set on making it my career.

Have you been published?


Who have you worked with?

I have worked with quite a few local photographers, photographers from out of town at group shoots and the wonderful visual edge!


“I have worked with Lexy numerous times since we met at a group shoot last Summer. In this time she has improved her modeling skills and come so far. Don’t be fooled by her size, she is tall in spirit and beautiful to photograph”

Brian, Visual Edge



Dyosa Mystika- Model



Styles I am available for:

I am available for Fashion, Glamour, Swimwear, Lingerie, Cosplay, and implied.

Contact info:

Email: panterwalks@yahoo.com


I am a woman that is very passionate about whatever I do. I’m a nurse in profession, I travel all over the world as it is one of my passion also besides modeling. I’m friendly, a team player and don’t have problem getting along.

How did you get started modeling?

I started just recently almost 2 years now but I always love it being in front of the camera.

Has it been a good experience?

Yes, it is a good experience not just meeting new people but also able to monitor my progress from being a beginner to somebody with experience.

How long have you been modeling?

Almost 2 years.

What are your goals?

My goal is to express my creative side in modeling and to work with other people that have the same creative passion as I am.

Have you been published?


Who have you worked with?

I worked with photographers from Detroit and Kalamazoo area.

What you think will make you worth hiring?

Modeling for me is an art, with art there will be passion and dedication. If you hire me, I have both of those.

 *Images are used strictly for model’s promotional purposes and retain original copyright.

April Featured model: Savannah

Savannah Stats

Available for: Fashion, Glamour, swimwear, lingerie, Cosplay, nude, topless or implied, etc.… Yes all of the above

Contact Info:

About you:

How did you get started modeling? My friend introduced me to it

Has it been a good experience? Yes

How long have you been modeling? About a year

What are your goals? To start making cash modeling

Have you been published? Yes I am featured and on the cover of Out of the Shadows!

Who have you worked with? Several photographers

” I had an opportunity to work with Savannah at a recent group shoot. Even though it was brief and we only shot a few images, I was impressed by her. She had a positive attitude and a beautiful yet exotic look. She has a look that will stand out and I look forward to working with her again!”

Brian of Visual Edge


*The following images are solely used for purposes of promoting the model and they retain the original copyright. Please do not copy or use them for any other purpose*


Out of the Shadows- Thought for the night.

Out of the Shadows- The following is an attempt to clarify or define what Out of the Shadows is, what its purpose is and to some extent explain what it’s for. Is it for everyone? Well yes and no. I wish everyone that visits this blog could take something positive with him or her when they leave. However we all see art differently, we all question what we do not understand and we often oppose what we do not agree in. Art regardless of its form has always been and most likely always will be a catalyst for controversy!

Many have questioned what type of magazine Out of the Shadows is intended to be. After all it is not in print, so how can it be a magazine. Well it isn’t a magazine in the traditional sense. We live at a time in which the traditional magazines all struggle to continue publishing. Their circulation has decreased and many of them have diversified and gone online in an effort to survive in the modern World.

Out of the Shadow’s goal is simple and that is to give, models, photographers, stylist, etc.… an additional means to be seen. It is also a venue for me to give something back to the creative community even with my limited means. Will it have a huge impact? Will it make those who appear in it famous? Perhaps not, but I believe the only failure is to have never tried. Sometimes you need to tale that next step even when fear is trying to hold you back or someone you know is saying not to risk it.

I could quote an endless number of analogies. There have been a overwhelming number of books and articles published as self help or Zen philosophy. One of my favorite sayings has always been, “lead, follow, or get out of the way”. We often strive to lead, we learn by following (but be wise in who you follow) and those that are in the way will often try to drag you down. Don’t let them!

Out of the Shadows does not represent or manage those who appear. They each make their own decisions; they each determine how they conduct their business. We do not judge their style or exclude them based on the limits of their experience. We welcome them because they show a passion for what they do. Big change is often the result of a smaller action. Don’t believe it, tell someone that you know that you believe in them no matter what!

Out of the Shadows Feb 29, 2016